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The Music

Let's start with the most important part. Here are all my chiptune albums, as well as site releases.


When I turned 7, I got a Nintendo Game Boy and instantly fell in love with the music. For me, it is a dear part of my childhood that I will always remember fondly.

I was fascinated and captivated by the fact that the music was so simple, yet could be so complex. I also played the Commodore 64 and the NES over at friends' houses and the same was true for the music on those systems.

It took many years before I started finding software that could do what I wanted it to, but I eventually stumbled upon Jescola Buzz in 2001 which was simple to use, yet powerful enough to do what I wanted. With thar, some of the tunes on "Lesser than Three" were born.

I then went on to find Milkytracker, and was finally making "real" tracker music. This was just amazing because I could make song that sounded like the "cracktro" music I had come to love, since it also resembled the bleeps and bloops of the consoles I grew up with.

By this time, I had started studying network technology and web design and I thought "Why not make a website and put my music out there in case other people will enjoy it?" And the result was

After that, I found Famitracker and I was in heaven. I was really happy to finally be able to make tunes that were actual NES-music, playable on a real NES. This is the software I still use today when making my music.

Genres and Styles

The genres, or rather, the "sound" for my music is chiptune or "8-bit music". As for styles, I grew up with games from Rare and Konami and really liked that music, so there are influences from the Game Boy and NES-games from those companies, as well as other big games of the time.

I also like blues and rock 'n roll so there are influences from those genres as well, for most of the music.

In terms of mood I have booth happy, upbeat, epic, and sad sounding songs. It's a little bit of everything, and something for everyone, so you'll have to listen and see for yourself. :)

License and Use

Most of my music is licensed under Creative Commons, so it's free to use and to modify as long as I am credited as the original creator of the music, preferably with a link to my website.

You can use the CC-licensed music in your games, videos, or any other projects you want. If you need custom-made music, see the contact page for details. Music that is not licensed under Creative-Commons will be clearly marked as such on the respective Album-page

If you tell me about your project, I'll give it some extra publicity by posting about it on Twitter and Facebook.


If you like my music and want to support me, you can donate through Paypal, or listen to my music on the streaming service of your choice.

You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter to get quick updates on what I'm up to.

If you follow me on Spotify, my songs will end up in your "release radar" when I release something new.

I also have a Youtube channel that has my music and other silly stuff I do. You can support me by subscribing to the channel.

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Thank you for your support! :)

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