My free 8-bit music

This is where you find my music. There's albums, available here and on most streaming services, such as Spotify, Deezer, apple music, Youtube and so on, and there's site releases, which are only available on

The music genres span from 8-bit and chiptune to lo-fi, though most of it is of the former kind. I think it's difficult to describe my music purely in terms of "genre" as 8-bit/chiptune music tells more about what kind of sound you can expect than what style and type of music it is.

My music is mainly upbeat and Metal-ish with rock 'n' roll influences. But I also have calm tunes that has more of a "background music" or ambient feel to it.

Since I grew up with, and came to love 8-bit music by playing the Game Boy and Nintendo Entertainment System, most of my songs will have influences from the big games of the time. My sound often leans toward that of Konami and Rare games, as I am particularly fond of their sound and style.

The software I use for composing my music is mainly Famitracker, but I have also used Milkytracker and Jescola Buzz for some of my earlier albums.

That's about as good of a description as I can give. You'll have to listen yourself to figure out the rest :)

My music is licensed under Creative Commons, so it's free to use and free to modify as long as I am credited as the original creator of the music, preferably with a link to my website.

You can use it in your games, videos, or any other projects you want. If you need custom-made music, see the contact-page for details.

If you tell me about your project, I'll give it some extra publicity by telling about it on Twitter and Facebook.

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