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Album Info

Crystal Caves HD Original Soundtrack is my eighth album.

It contains chiptunes I made in Famitracker.

The genres for this album would be 8-bit, Chiptune, and electro.

The album was released on October 15th, 2020.

This album is not part of my Creative Commons work. If you are looking for free music that you may use in accordance with a Creative Commons-license, please check out other albums by me. All albums with a Creative Commons-license will have that information clearly visible on the album page.

Crystal Caves HD is an "HD-remaster" of the classic DOS-game Crystal Caves. The new HD version has updated graphics, a new eposide alongside the 3 classic ones, online leaderboards so you can compete with other players, clod saves, difficuly levels, and a level editor so you can design your own levens, and of course, original music, created by me, that you will hear while playing the game. And in the level editor you can also pick a song from the game that will bw used for the level you design. Sweet, isn't it? :)

I was contacted by Primož from Emberheart Games about making the soundtrack for the game. An opportunity I could not pass up even though you all know by now I prefer to be able to release my work under Creative Commons, but I am happy and greatful that I was given permission to release and album with the tunes I created, so that you may enjoy them :) The process had been a blast and I have learned a lot from the experience.

A special thanks to Primož, who has put up with all my questions, misunderstandings, late night questions and so forth. You rock! I hope you will enjoy the album as much as I enjoyed creating the music. If you want to play this truly amazing game you can get it on Steam and GOG


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As mentioned before, this release is not Creative Commons, but I have been granted permission to sell it on Bandcamp, so you can listen to the songs a few times and then decide if you want to buy it using the widget below :)

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