If you'd like to support me you can donate by using the Paypal button. And I guarantee that no copyright-supporting maniac will get a single cent. All money will go to me directly, with the exception of the fee Paypal Charges (They take like 5% of whatever you send). You freely specify the amount of money you would like to donate.
I do not believe in the right to demand payment for art, and I fully support the "Piracy" movement. The entertainment industry needs to wake up and realize that the key to getting people to pay for the music is to create good music - not threatening their potential costumers. That being said, I do feel that the landcape of digital music has indeed shifted in favor of the listeners, with excellent services such as Spotify, where you can enjoy free music with the occasional advertisement, or pay a retalively low fee for ad-free listening. With services like that in place I do feel like both listeners and artists get what they want, and I support it, so I am on Spotify and other services, with you can read about further down the page, so one excellent way to support me is to stream my music on those services.

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I don't want to donate but would still like to support you. Are there other ways I can do that?
Yes, My music is also available on a number of music services that pay a little bit of money every time my music is streamed, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and so on, so you can support me by playing my music on any of them. For a list of available services, please have a look at CD Baby's list of digital distribution partners