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If you're into my music, then check out these links and you may find other things you'll love, too!

Games featuring my music

My music is, as you may know, licensed under Creative Commons, which means that you can use the music in your videos, games, and more, for free, as long as you credit the author (though donations are appreciated). Here are some links to games that I know of that used my music and credited me.

An open-source Shoot 'em up pixelart game featuring nice pixelart graphics and an amusing story mode.

A free platform game that is a bit... unconventional you might say. Easily one of The most flipped out crazy platform games I have ever seen.

Pixel Rain
A free puzzle game for Android with 64 challenging levels. the basic idea is to protect gems from deadly pixels by building shelters with tetriminos and other stuff. Smooth graphics, and my music.

DLC Quest
A game that satires what the game industry is becoming, and in some cases already has become. It is a platform game where the most basic features (like moving to the left or pausing the game) have to be purchased as downloadable content with coins that you collect in the game. There is also A princess to rescue... Or something.

Damnation Alley

The author of the game has this to say about it: Damnation valley is a tribute to the 80's arcade game, Spy Hunter. It's been created in the style of a C64 game for a retro game coding competition. The name comes from a book I read as a kid which featured a Hells Angel who's facing life in jail who gets given a chance to take an essential vaccine across a nuclear war ravaged country to save another city in a weaponised vehicle.

If you have made, or know of a game that uses my music that is not listed here, please let me know. I will gladly put your link here and give you some publicity as a thanks for using my music in your game.


This is what I use to create my tunes. So if you want to create music with sound similar to mine, you might want to check these applications out. All of them are completely free with no limitations.

Is a free Windows tracker for producing music for the NES/Famicom-systems. The interface is based on MadTracker and should be easy to use if you've been using trackers before. I used this tracker while making "8-bit Empire".
Is a free open source tracker featuring an easy to learn and easy to use interface. It's available for many operating systems. I used it while making some tunes for "Lesser Than Three".

Jeskola Buzz
Is a free really flexible and customizable music making software for Microsoft Windows. I used it when making some tunes for "Lesser Than Three".

8-bit and chiptune musicians

Here are some 8-bit/chiptune musicians with varying similarity to my genre that I like. If you're into 8-bit/chiptune or bitpop music, chances are you might like them as well.

8bit bEtty
8 Bit Weapon
Adam Sporka
Bit Shifter
Boy vs Bacteria
Demoscene Time Machine
Inverse Phase
Mark 'TDK' Knight
Response of Darklite
Stygg Sylt

Other projects

Ola Lawless and Friends
A web comic a friend of mine is running. It is hand drawn with high quality artwork. It updates on a regular basis and is definitely worth a few visits every week.

Labbed is my brother. At you can his sound generating software Labchirp, his music, and art.

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