2020-12-23 - Yet another site release!

Hello everyone! It's the holiday season, so I made an NES-cover of "O Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree) :) You will find it on the Site Releases page. Happy Holidays everyone! :)

2020-11-10 - Crystal Caves HD Original Soundtrack now on Spotify!

After a frustrating delay I'm happy to anounce that Crystal Caves HD is now available on Spotify, and most other streaming services. The delay has been due to long handling times over at CDBaby and is understandable given the current state of things, but now it's finally on Soptify and is also rollong out on other streaming services. Enjoy!

2020-10-15 - RELEASE! Crystal Caves HD Original Soundtrack!

Hello! I'm happy to announce that the Original Soundcrack for Crystal Caves HD is now released! As mentioned in my previous update, it's available on ####Bandcamp#### and ####Youtube#### I have also been granted permission to release it on most streaming services and have submitted the album for review, but due to the pandemic the current inspection wait time is 1-3 weeks, so it'll be awhile before it gets published on spotify and the likes, but as soon at it goes live, I'll update the album page. For now, you can get the album om Bandcamp and/or listen to it on youtube. Again, this is not a Creative Commons release so a standard "All Rights Reserved"-license applies, and Apogee Software owns all the rights to the game and soundtrack, but I really appreciate that they let me make an album out of the soundtrack so that you can enjoy the music, and it's been a really great experience working with Primo┼ż from Emberheart games during the procees. Head over to the ####Album page#### to find links to where you can buy the game and enjoy the soundtrack :)

2020-10-13 - Crystal Caves HD Original Soundtrack!

Hi everyone! I know I have kept quiet for what seems like forever, but that does not mean that I haven't been busy working on new music! :) I have had the honor to compose the original soundtrack for the upcoming Crystal Caves HD. The game will launch on Steam and GOG on Ocrober 15th, and I have gotten permission from Apogee to release the soundtrack on Bandcamp and Youtube initially, with the hope to release it to more services eventually.

It will not be a Creative Commons release as an exclusive license was chosen for the project, and while I prefer to do Creative Commons-based comissions, I feel that this was an opportunity I could not pass up, so apologies to everyone whe would have liked that. You can however rest assured that all of my own projects will always be Licensed under creative commons. That will never change.

You can enjoy the trailer for the game here while whaiting for the release and sountrack. More updates soon!

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