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Archived news from 2012-2013.

2013-01-10 - And again another new tune!

Hello there. A new year is here and I'm still releasing tunes for project 8-bit Run 'n Pun. Since my last update, I've released one more. There isn't a whole lot more to say at this point I suppose. Listen to the tune and have fun! :)

2012-10-28 - New tune again!

New tune up! Things are moving along nicely now. This time it's a calmer, more relaxed composition that brings the thoughts to being in a ship that is not yours. If you want to find out what it's about, I suggest you download it and listen to it :)

2012-10-20 - Another new tune!

And yet another tune gets to move in on my site. This time, my wife actually came up with the main melody. Other than that, not much new... I'll try to upload stuff more often though, as it is fun. And... Yeah, I think that about sums it up for today. As usual, feedback on the music is much appreciated.

2012-07-26 - New tunes uploaded!

I uploaded a new tune. I gotta say I love the interactive way of working. I get so many nice ideas! I haven't had the time to fine tune Stroll 'n Roll yet, but there will definitely be an updated version of it sometime soon. In the meantime, enjoy my newly uploaded "Failien Funk".

2012-07-11 - Project 8-bit Run 'n Pun!

Dear fans, friends, enemies and bosses, I've decided to do something I have never done before: An interactive project centering around the creation of my next album "8-bit Run 'n Pun"!

Why do I want to do this? Well... My typical pattern so far has been something like "hide in cave for 12 months, release album, hide in cave, release a site release, hide in cave, make a news update about working on album while hiding in cave, hide in cave, release album", and so on. But then the light went out in the cave, and I realized that It's not fair to my fans, or fun, to do it like that, so I signed up for various "social media", but I have been mostly asocial on them, which is why I have decided that for my next album "8-bit Run 'n Pun" I will interact with people and release the songs individually when I feel that they are done, so that people can experience the creation as it happens. There might be some "final changes" before the album is released though, which is why I will tag everything with "draft" so that you won't get confused. And I will Tweet on Twitter and post updates on Facebook when something happens, so that you may find out instantly.

"OK but... what happens if I want to use one of your 'drafts' in my videos or games or whatever?" You can! I'm still releasing the work in progress under the Creative Commons license. All I ask is that if you use stuff that is still "work in progress", you state it when you credit me.

For more information, go to the project page.

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