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Archived news from 2010-2011.

2011-09-25 - Site got a facelift!

Hi there! I've once again managed to be quiet for a long time. As time passes, things happen. I haven't made any new tunes, but the site got a facelift, which is mostly noticeable if you have one of those widescreen monitors. Also, I have put links to games that uses my music, in hopes that more people will discover those games. I am working on my next album, and such, which will once again be an album featuring Famitracker songs. On a personal note I also got married, which is nice. That's  all for now. I hope to be back with more news soon. Take care :)

2011-03-11 - New site release!

Hello! I have now been silent for a while. However, I have just made a cover of my brother, Labbed's, tune "Sockerkaka", which means "sponge cake" in Swedish. I named the song "Sponge Ache" as I'm sure it can hurt if you bake it wrong enough. You can find my cover in the Site Releases section, and the original tune by Labbed on his site. Please enjoy, and remember that sponge cake includes baking powder but NOT yeast. Leave that poor yeast fungus alone. :(

2010-12-14 - Cor Metallicum released!

The day is here. The day when I release my third album has finally come. Cor Metallicum is available on the Downloads page, along with a heart-wrenching story, cover art, and possibly more. Download it now and please let me know what you think! :)

As I have with my previous albums I am offering you this one completely free of charge. Don't underestimate the importance of free music in times like these. When the record labels take more and more for themselves and give less and less to the artists, and turn their former customers into criminals someone has to stand up and say NO! Music wants to be free!

In other news there isn't much more going on. 2010 has been a year with focus on my girlfriend, work, and life in general. I have however taken steps to remind myself to work on my music more often, so 2011 looks to be a promising year indeed.
See you all later.

2010-03-30 - New Site release!

Hi people! I am aware of the fact that it has been ages since I wrote anything. Mainly because I feel that it is utterly useless to make a bunch of "Err.. nothing new"- entries, but also because I have been busy with life. It doesn't really work to be a supernerd when you have a girlfriend and a job and such. But.. I'm still working on that next album. And yes, I've said it before, but I'm actually getting somewhere with it now, and I hope to be able to release it soon. I will also not write a bunch of crap if nothing is happening. So.. Happy belated 2010, and more to come in the future.
Oh, by the way. I made a new Site-Release you can download. It's a remix of the Neo Cortex theme from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. It also has a NES-compliant image to go with it. Credit for that goes to Schoq.

Promo image for the Crashnes tune on

The youtube video.

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