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Archived news from 2014-2015

2015-09-15 - New tune!

Hello everyone! As promised, I released a new song today. I'd say it's one of my more experimental one so far, in some aspects, while in other regards, it's very typical "Ozzed-style". This means that there's now no less than 13 tracks on the upcoming Album, and I'm starting to feel like it's nearing completion. Very exciting times! :)

2015-09-13 - New web host, Linux, and shoutbox replacement!

Linux. Yes.. I have switched to a different hosting company. As a consequence of this I can no longer host my site on an IIS-server, so Apache it is, which means that Spamburp and the Shoutbox, which are both written in ASP, needed to be replaced. I have chosen Disqus for this as it's a robust solution and there's no point in reinventing the wheel. This also means that you can write messages on any page you like, rather than having to go to a dedicated one. In other news I should have a new song ready soon, so stay tunes :)

2015-05-10 - All albums on all streaming services!

Al my albums are now available on Spotify, Deezer and so on. The services are too many to list, but it's all the music sites you can be on if you have CD-Baby as an aggregator, so if you're curious you can look it up. I'm Very excited to have my music available where people can actually easily access it :)

2015-05-03 - Cor Metallicum on Spotify!

Yesterday I posted about how Cor Metallicum is now available on Deezer. Well, I came home today and discovered that It is already available on Spotify as well! Last like it took almost a month, but this time it happened within a few days! :) So if you have Spotify, you can listen to my album using the Widget below:

2015-05-02 - Cor Metallicum on Deezer!

Hi everyone! I'm very excited to announce that my album Cor Metallicum is now available on Deezer! You can listen to it using the Widget below :)

2015-04-13 - Ozzed now on Spotify!

Spotify! Yes, that's right. My music is now on Spotify. Or.. At least 8-bit Empire is. It's fairly expensive to get your music on Spotify as an unsigned musician who primarily has the music as a hobby. So I figured I'd start with my most popular album, and if it turns out well and I can get the investment back, I will add another, and so on until all my music is there. So if you want to help make that happemn, make sure to add the songs to your playlists and such. Happy listening!

2015-03-12 Ozzed now on Soundclod and Deezer!

New tune, and Soundcloud! I have published a new tune that I call "Perihelium". It's upbeat and bouncy, and has a steady triumphant beat to it. So go grab it and enjoy :) I've also published all my albums on Soundcloud as it turns out the free minutes you get was enough to upload all four of them. I'm also happy to announce that I have made 8-bit Empire available on Deezer, and a whole lot of other places, and soon Spotify as well. It's not free, but it's worth it because my music will be available to more people this way. My music is still Creative Commons, just like before :) I'll keep you posted on the progress of it all.

2015-03-03 - Ozzed now on Bandcamp!

Bandcamp! ... Yeah... I have put my music on Bandcamp, which is yet another fairly big site for musicians. The advantage for you is that it's very easy to embed and share the music to external sites, and should you be interested in donating, that's easy to do as well. I'm also working on getting my stuff on Soundcloud but that will probably be awhile as their free accounts forces me to be selective in what I upload and what I don't, but that's a different story. I'm also of course continuing to work on my music and hope to release a new tune soon. Stay tuned!

2015-02-18 - New tune and new game that uses my music!

Hello everyone! I have released yet another tune! It is called "Cloud Crash" and is part of my "8-bit run 'n pun"-Project. It is a fairly calm song with interesting harmonics. In other news a free game called "Stressed Barman" has been released for android, and it features my music. Definitely worth checking out! I will hopefully be back soon with more stuff. Take care!

2015-01-17 - New tune and site accessibility improvements!

Hello! The first tune of the year is finally released! It's the song "Bonus Rage" for my 8-bit run 'n Pun project. It's quite catchy and rock 'n roll-ish. It was actually the 15th song I started making in Famitracker, so it's been maturing since some time in early 2009, so it's definitely done by now :) In other news I've been doing some work on my website in general, continuing to improve the accessibility for mobile devices as it's becoming more and more common that people browse websites that way. That's all for now. More to come soon!

2015-01-11 - New game uses my music!

Greetings! The new year has not been very eventful so far, but I assure you I'm working on some exciting stuff! :) There is however a new free game that has my music in it. It's called It's easily one of the most flipped out platform games I have even encountered. Definitely worth a visit. :)
I hope to be back soon with more substantial updates. Until then, rock on!

2014-12-12 - Another new tune!

New tune published! This time It's about pausing and reflecting upon the vastness of the universe. Obviously it's good to have pause music if you're playing a game. This makes it the 9th tune in the project. I'm getting a lot done lately :)

2014-12-07 - Torrents not working, and new tune!

Hi! Sometimes things don't go as you'd hope, and it seems that currently the torrents on my website do not work. So you'll have to use direct download instead, but I've contacted my web host and they are working of fixing the issue. I'll let you know when things are running smoothly again.
I did however publish a new tune. It's the intro to 8-Bit Run 'n' pun, and it's called Introjuice!

2014-12-02 - Torrents now hosted directly on the site!

Hello! Starting today, you will be able to get the torrents for my albums directly from my website. As many governments bend to the entertainment industry's demand to block torrent sites, though they contain perfectly legal content, such as mine, I feel like it is better to provide an on-site alternative for those of you who want my torrents but are unable to get them due to blocking of torrent sites. The torrents will still be available on The Pirate Bay and other torrent sites, and this does not mean that I agree with internet censorship. It's simply a way for me to provide more options for you, and assure access to my content in torrent-form, even if your government sucks.

2014-11-17 - Nackskott on and Jamendo!

Hi there! It's been an intense few days since the release of my new album Nackskott. Aside from publishing it here on the website, I also made it available at Jamendo and So you can listen to them "off-site" if you prefer to do that :)
In other news, the game Poros, which features my music was selected to be in the first Argentinian game bundle which of course is awesome!
The tunes at last-fm currently won't load, but I hope it's a temporary problem. Other than that, all is well. Cheers!

2014-11-15 - Nackskott released!

Hello! I have released a new album today, out of nowhere! It's basically a bunch of tunes I had laying around that were never gonna get used for anything, so I figured I might as well release the album, so that whoever wants to use the tunes from it can. I mean, tunes that are done, but not heard by anyone are pretty useless, and no one has any use for useless stuff, right? So enjoy. :)
And yes I'm still working on 8-bit run 'n' pun. Don't worry. Cheers!

2014-10-30 - New songs and site Facelift!

Hi! It has been a long time since I wrote, or did anything substantial regarding my music, or the website. But now I'm doing both. I have released two songs within the same week, and the website is getting a minor overhaul to better accommodate mobile devices, as well as make it easier for me to be active and actually do things here. I have removed the Swedish section of the site. Very few people visited the Swedish pages, and it takes forever to update everything twice, plus there's Google translate and whatnot these days, so there was no point in keeping it. I hope to release more stuff soon. Stay tuned!

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