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Archived news from 2008-2009.

2009 08 26 - How to make 8-bit music guide released!

Hi people. As the demand for it has been increasing, I finally went ahead and wrote a technical guide on how to create chip music. You can find it from the main menu. I hope you will like it and find it useful. More updates soon. 

2009 08 07 - Spamburp page releases!

Hi everyone! I know I haven't been updating you on stuff much lately, but to be fair, you probably haven't been noticing since no one uses the internets during summer. Anyway... I have GOOD NEWS! First I'd like everyone to know that I am still working on my new album, and I really hope to be able to release it soon. Second, in co-operation with the very same haxx0r friend of mine who helps me with the shoutbox, I bring you SPAMBURP! It's, simply put, a service that puts all the blocked IP's in my database on public display, as a helpful tool for those of you who also have shoutboxes, guestbooks and the likes. If they spammed mine, they will most likely spam yours. You can access the service through the menu on the left.
Please know that this is in beta stage and is continuously worked on, and it will be improved. Also, no one needs to be worried about their privacy. the filer only catches bots that spam through scripts and the likes, and I never see or gather the IP's of anyone else. Enjoy!

2009 06 08 - My music is now on Jamendo!

Hello fans and others! I just wanted to let you know that my music is now also available on Jamendo, a fast growing music network for music released under a Creative Commons license. You can find the link to it on the main page. Enjoy! 

2009 06 01 - 100 listeners on!

My fellow music lovers... I have finally reached my first milestone on I now have 1000 unique listeners! Thank you all for your massive and continuous support. If it wasn't for you, my faithful fans, I'd have never gotten this far. I promise to keep up the spirit. THANKS!

2009 05 16 - Still working on my next album!

Hi people. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still working on my album and making progress. I would once again like to remind you to tell all your friends and enemies about me. I know for a fact that there are people out there who have no idea who I am or what I do.
Also, this "Harlots" guy *cough* who posted in my shoutbox is wrong. I have got this confirmed by a dedicated grammar Nazi. I DID, however, put punctuation where it didn't belong, and if it wasn't for you, I'd have never noticed it, so thanks. Rock on, my fellow music lovers!

2009 03 22 - New site release!

Hello. It's been a while since I last wrote here. I have two things to tell you. No, it's actually more like three things. First of all, I want to you to know that I'm still working on my next album. I've made a few more tunes and I think the album will turn out well.
Second, I have been busy with life lately. I'll try to be a bit more from now on, though. Third, I have made a NES-mix of a quite well-known Russian folk song in order to increase everyone's knowledge. Have fun, and see you soon!

2009 03 05 - Shoutbox Improved!

I've been getting some help with improving the shoutbox lately. The most noticeable change is that it's got pagination now, so it will load faster. And the code has been cleaned up a lot. Enjoy, and thanks Morten!

2009 03 02 - New site release!

Hi. It's been awhile since I gave you an update on what's going on. I've been busy with life and that other thing.. And I've also been working some more on my next album.
I wanted to share my tune "Killer Experiment" with you though. It's an old piece of work that I made as an experiment when I was testing some kind of software that could rip sound samples from SNES-ROM images, and the result can be found at "Site Releases".
I'm also happy to inform you that last week was an all-time high for me on So I'm moving forward. If you haven't told your friends about "Ozzed" yet, you should. Great, thanks. Have fun!

2009 02 13 - New site release!

Hello music lovers... Speaking of love, you'd probably want to not go out and find it tonight. It's friday the 13th so you'd most likely screw up and end up going home alone anyway. Shame... Because it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and I'm sure you'd rather date a human than your beer for once, but that's not going to happen. You might as well give up, and realize that the princess will always be in another castle. That's why I made a NES-version of  "All for Me Grog", so that you'll have something to listen to as you drown your thoughts. It's a little short, but hopefully you'll remember to put the tune on "Repeat" before you get smashed. Have a lovely weekend.

2009 02 11 New site design!

Hello, and welcome back. As you can see the site has a new, cleaner design that is optimized to run on your computer. You will experience a calmer, more relaxed surfing. In some cases, mild euphoria may occur. This is normal and nothing to worry about. If you're still feeling anxious, get drunk and scream at your neighbors. That might help. In other, much more relevant news I am still working on my next album, and I still hope I will be able to bring you that site release I was talking about sometime this week. Good night.

2009 02 06 Code cleanup and site update!

I'm still working on the tune that was supposed to be today's site release, but I'm not done so I'll have to upload it later.What I did manage to get done though was to do some code cleanup on the site and adding a description to every Site Release, so that you have a clue what you're about to download. That's all for now. more updates soon.  Have a nice weekend everyone.

2009 02 04 - I'm not dead, new album in progress!

Hello people! I haven't crawled down a hole and died from food poisoning or anything similarly interesting this time either. What I AM doing on the other hand, is I'm working on my third album, which will also be a NES-tune album. But more importantly, the soundtrack to a non-existant game. I'm working on the track and the story. This is all new to me and I'm very excited. If I can manage to get it done, there should be another Site release on friday. Rock on till then! :)

2009 01 29 - A friend launched a web comic!

I have spent a few days helping a friend of mine building a site for his web comic "Ola Lawless and Friends." It's hand-drawn and the artwork is high quality, very different from most other web comics, that are usually made using Paint or Photoshop or similar. It updates on a regular basis and is definitely worth a visit a few times per week! The address can be found among my links.

2009 01 23 - New site release added!

I added a new "Site Release" today. It's a cover of the boss tune from Donkey Kong Land 1, with a Monkey Islandish sound to it. Download and enjoy!

2009 01 14 - 8-bit Empire released!

"8-bit Empire" is finally done! Thanks to everyone who made this release possible. Go grab your copy from my downloads page and enjoy! :)

2009 01 04 - New site release and minor updates to site!

2009 is here! I'm still working on my next album. I did some minor updates to the site in general, added a new Site Release and archived the news from 2008. The new tune is a short upbeat thing which has parts of the Zelda into for the NES in it. Enjoy.

2008 12 30 - Happy new year!

I would like to thank everyone for making 2008 a great year! I haven't been very active on the site lately but I haven't been sitting idle. I'm working on a new album consisting only of "Nintendo compliant" music, meaning the NSF-files and such will be available for those interested when it's ready, which should be in early 2009.

Happy new year everyone!

2008 12 05 - New colorful design!

Site now has a new more colorful design. I hope you like it! :)

2008 11 30 - New site releases added!

Added three new tunes to the Site releases. Enjoy :)

2008 11 27 - New site releases added!

Added two new "Site exclusive" releases. One being the boss beat from the Kirby games, and the other is a cover of Offspring's "Why don't you get a job".

2008 11 24 Links section added!

Added a "links" section with content related to my music one way or another.

2008 11 16 - Updates to the main page!

Updated the main page with some information about what takes you where. This should make it easier to navigate the site.

2008 11 06 - Some minor updates!

Changed the structure of the download section.You can now chose from "Compilations" and "Site Releases". Also added the first Site Release "Home at Last - NSF Remix", which is basically the result of me trying to learn Famitracker. Also added some minor updates to the Index page,

2008 10 23 - Spam in the Shoutbox!

Due to spam in the shoutbox I'm now storing IP-addresses in the database. This is nothing you need to worry about unless you plan on spamming though. I'm also working on some new songs and trying to learn Famitracker. More updates soon.

2008 10 10 - Lesser than Three released!

My album "Lesser than Three" is finally released! You will find download options at the Download page. Enjoy!

2008 10 06 - Shoutbox added!

Added a simple shoutbox and finally configured the E-mail server. So now you could, in theory at least, interact with me. More updates soon.

2008 10 03 - Site up and running!

The site is finally up and running! Sure, there isn't much to see here right now, but at least I added two songs from my upcoming compilation so you know what you can expect once it's done. I will certainly add more stuff shortly.

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