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Here are all my 8-bit and Chiptune Albums.

Hi there! I am Ozzed. I'm going to assume you're here for any or all of these reasons:

  1. You want to listen to or download my free 8-bit and chiptune music
  2. You want royalty-free chiptune music for your videos, games, or other projects
  3. You want to learn how to make 8-bit and chiptune music.

If any or all of the above is correct, you've come to the right place. And if not... Well... You should stay and have a look around in case you'll stumble upon something you like.

So who am I and why should you care?

I am a chiptune composer from Sweden. I enjoy making 8-bit music and sharing it with everyone for free. I've been fascinated with the genre ever since I was a kid, and ever since this project started, my goal has been to make my music as freely available as possible, for both new audiences and people who already know and love the genre.

You should care because the music is licensed under Creative Commons (with the exception of comissioned projects where an exclusive license was chosen), which means that you are free to use, distribute and modify the music however you see fit, So, you can use my music in your games, for your youtube-videos, presentations, as background music in your store, elevator music, training videos et cetera et cetera, as long as I am credited as the composer, preferably with a link back to this website. And, though not a requirement, I really enjoy when people let me know how my music is used. Tell me, and I will share it on Facebook and Twitter, and if you want I'll put a link to your project on my Links-page, giving you some extra publicity.

Once again, enjoy your stay! I hope you will find something you like, and do let me know if you have any questions; I'll be happy to help! :)

Latest addition: Crystal Caves HD Original Soundtrack..


Below is a list of my latest news-announcements. For a full list, visit the News-page

2021-12-24 - New Site Release!

It has become somewhat of a tradition that I make an NES-version of a holiday song. This year, I Have chosen "Up on the House Top", so head over to theSite Releases page and give it a listen. Happy Holidays :)

2021-10-21 - Updates to the guide on 8-bit music

I have now added the expansion audio chips for the nintendo Famicom to the guide, so now you can find information about the Nintendo MMC5, the Nintendo FDS for the Famicom Disk System, the Konami VRC6, Konami VRC7 and the Namco 163 directly on the "how to make 8-bit music"-page.

2021-09-09 - Updates to the guide on 8-bit music

I have now added the SEGA Master System and the Game Gear to the guide, so go check it out if you want to know more about the sound chips used for those systems :)

2020-12-23 - Yet another site release!

Hello everyone! It's the holiday season, so I made an NES-cover of "O Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree) :) You will find it on the Site Releases page. Happy Holidays everyone! :)

2020-11-10 - Crystal Caves HD Original Soundtrack now on Spotify!

After a frustrating delay I'm happy to anounce that Crystal Caves HD is now available on Spotify, and most other streaming services. The delay has been due to long handling times over at CDBaby and is understandable given the current state of things, but now it's finally on Soptify and is also rollong out on other streaming services. Enjoy!

Listen to my albums on Spotify

My website currently has the following to offer:


Is the page you are looking at right now. This mainly serves as a descriptive table of contents for the rest of the site as well as some general information about why I'm doing this. You'll also find some links to other places on the web where you can find my music. It also gives you the 5 latest news posts.


Is where you listen to and download my free 8-bit and chiptune music, both Albums and "Site Exclusive" releases are available, and all content where I am the original composer is licensed under Creative Commons. Everything can be downloaded directly from the site, And for the albums you also have the option to download torrents, which are also hosted on the site. I used to host them on The Pirate Bay, but due to constant DDOS-attacks I feel that the site is no longer reliable, so I'm hosting the torrents directly on this site instead.

Do note however that in the case of comissioned projects where an exclusive license was chosen, the music does not come with a Creative Commons-license, and downloads are not available, but don't worry, in such cases it will be clearly stated on the album page to avoid any confusion.


Is where you find the latest updates from me regarding what's going on with my music and the site in general. This is in no way a "blog" or anything like it, but merely a place where you can get the latest news.

Making 8-bit music

If you want to make your own 8-bit music or chiptune music, you want to check this out. I believe that knowledge should be shared so I wrote down some general guidelines on making 8-bit music, chiptunes, and so forth. The guide mainly focuses on the Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom with its different, expansion audio chips, such as the Nintendo MMC5, the Nintendo FDS for the Famicom Disk System, the Konami VRC6, Konami VRC7 and the Namco 163, as that is where I have most of my experience, but there's also information about the Commodore64, Amiga 500, the Nintendo Game Boy, the SEGA Master System and the Game Gear, as well as a basic guideto the different waveforms typically used when making 8-bit music, and the different effects you can useto modify the sound. I also talk a bit about different software you can use to make the music. You can alsofind my Spotify playlist "8-bit, chiptunes, bitpop" here, which features a wide variety of styles that fit within the genre so it's a great source of inspiration and a great asset if you want a good insight into what is possible to compose within the genre. If you feel like something should be added to the guide, drop me a message! :)


My music is and always will be completely free, but if you would like to know about different ways you can support what I do, this is where you want to go.


Here is where you can find links to similar artists, projects that uses mu music, software for making your own chiptunes, and so on and so forth.


This is where you will find various options to get in touch with me.

I live primarily on this website, but I also live on these pages:

Listen to and follow Ozzed on Spotify
Spotify: Where you can listen to all my chiptune albums. This is a great way to support me as I get a little bit of money every time my songs are played.

Listen to and follow Ozzed on Deezer
Deezer: Where you can listen to all my chiptune albums. This is a great way to support me as I get a little bit of money every time my songs are played.

Follow Ozzed on Facebook
Facebook: Like my page to get updates on new chiptunes, albums, changes to the website, and so on.

Follow Ozzed on Twitter
Twitter: Pretty much the same as Facebook when it comes to updates on stuff, though I might ramble a bit more on Twitter than I do on Facebook.

Listen to and follow Ozzed on Youtube
YouTube: Here you'll find all sorts of stuff by me. Things related to my music but also other various random things.

Listen to Ozzed on Bandcamp
Bandcamp: Where you can listen to and download my albums, and buy the albums by giving any amount of money you want.

Listen to Ozzed on Jamendo
Jamendo: Where you can listen to my music, download it, review my albums, license my music for professional use, donate if you want and more.

Listen to Ozzed on Jamendo
Soundcloud: Where you can listen to my music, download it, share and embed it, follow me, and more.

Check out Ozzed on
You could once listen to my chiptunes on, but nowadays it's more of a showcase site where you can see which of my tracks are popular, follow listening trends and so on.

Ozzed on Myspace
Myspace: Where you can listen to and download a few of my songs. And add me as a friend if you want, though Myspace is mostly a walking zombie these days, I keep it around for nostalgic reasons.

I hope this information has been helpful. Feel free to contact me if I missed anything or if you have suggestions on how to improve the site. Rock on!

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