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Album Info

Lesser than Three is my first album.

It is a compilation of chiptunes I made from 2002 to october 2008.

The tunes were made using Jeskola Buzz - Digital Composer, and Milkytracker.

The genres vary but most tunes are chiptune and Lo-Fi.

The album was released October 10th in 2008.

The Album is licensed under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA) and you may use it accordingly. If you would like to use the album in a way that goes beyond what the CC-license permits, please contact me. do discuss terms.


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If you want to download individual tunes, you can do that by clicking on the title above their description further down the page.


Track Info

This is my very first album! most of the tunes are made long before I knew that I would one day have a website and an artist name. I was just having fun on my computer making songs in Jescola Buzz, which is the first piece of software I found that I could use to make the style of music I wanted. By the time I found out about Milkytracker I started thinking that maybe I should go public with my music, and here we are today :)

Super Secret Tune

An up-beat tune with simple wave-forms. Sounds chip-ish. Good for parties or if you just want to cheer yourself up.

Don't be a Bitch Remix

A silly lo-fi tune that I got into my head after yet another day of browsing the "j2e" forums in 2002. Actually a remix of the first tune I made, which is not included in this album.

Game Tre Ackorder

Another lo-fi tune. Up-beat and suitable for racing games and the likes. Made from the desire to create something that sounded like a distorted guitar.

Delicious Keys

A simple little chiptune in minor. Made with milky tracker. As it uses simple wave forms it has an old-school feeling to it.

No Fight but Cool

I started out trying to make a badass boss music tune, but it somehow turned into quite a happy sounding thing in the end.

Lugn Techno

This tune is very slow-moving and mellow. Great if you want to chill, but maybe not the best "wake up tune" out there.

Home at Last

My first "proper" Milkytracker chiptune. I made this after having finished my two-year web design education, and I had the tune in my head the entire car ride home.

Chip Woke up This Morning

A lo-fi blues tune made in Milkytracker. Sounds almost like something from "River City Ransom".

A Vile City

Old-school chiptune I made in Milkytracker back when I was still hopelessly enchanted by a certain lobotomizing online game.

The Nostalgica Tune Theme Song

Two-channel chiptune I made in Buzz. At the time I hadn't made much else that sounded old-school, hence the name.


A lo-fi Boogie-woogie-like tune that makes your walls shake if you have an old house and a big enough sub-woofer.


A short, fast, swooshy tune with lots of energy. It kind of resembles a jig.

Byrokrat Apparat

This is a Buzz tune that makes me think of never-ending bureaucracy. I imagine people running around with papers and forms and envelopes till the end of time.

Rymdfighter III

A mini space-story. This chiptune sounds like in one of those old side-scrolling space shooter games. You are taken through take off, different levels, and finally you get to fight the super villain. Do you Rymdfighter?

Game at Heart

Speedy powerful chiptune that could be suitable for games. Has an old school sound to it.

Feed Me

This chiptune is ideal for those days you just feel like jumping around aimlessly until you crash into something expensive and break more bones than you knew you had.

En Idiotlåt

A tune packed with silly sounds accompanied by melodious organs that bring to mind old cartoons.

TTS Cyberspace

A tune derived from experimenting with text-to-speech engines. A story about two synthetic voices attacking two other synthetic voices.

Drop Dead

Rock'n roll lo-fi style. Very simple sounds, yet a catchy and enchanting tune.


Another lo-fi rock tune, but with a simpler arrangement. Inspired from comedy movies about running out of gasoline.

Seductive Space

The album finishes with a mellow chiptune about seduction. A typical "Slowly wave your lighters in the air song".

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