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Album Info

Nackskott is my fourth album.

It contains chiptune and electronic tunes I made in Jescola Buzz and Milkytracker from very long ago to very recently(at the time the album was released).

The genres for this album would be Chiptune, 8-biy Electro and Lo-Fi.

The album was released on November 15th 2014.

The Album is licensed under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA) and you may use it accordingly.

If you would like to use the album in a way that goes beyond what the CC-license permits, please contact me to discuss terms


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If you want to download individual tunes, you can do that by clicking on the title above their description further down the page.


Track Info

This album is an odd one. It has fairly recent tunes, as well as ones I made all the way back in 2001. The quality and length of the tunes vary greatly, and my reasoning behind releasing the album is basically that there's no reason not to. The tunes are finished, they are all decent (somewhat), and someone might find good use for them. But if I wanted to make a concept album I'd have to wait for a fitting context for these tunes, and I don't think one would show up anytime soon. Also, the tunes are made in Milkytracker and Jescola Buzz, which are both great tools for making music, but I don't use them much anymore as I've switched over to Famitracker and gone more "pure 8-bit", but if you liked Lesser than Three, I think you might enjoy this album.


This tune was originally supposed to be the intro to a Shoot 'em up game that ended up never being finished, so it's been stuffed away for a good while, but now it's out in the wild for your enjoyment.
The tune has like an "Electro-rock" sound to it. It's quite bouncy and fun. 


Back in the day when Jescola Buzz was my primary tool for making music, I wanted to see if I could make something that sounded like a Nintendo 8-bit chiptune, and this is what came out of that. It's not NES-compliant of course, as it's stereo, and not made with anything that even tries to sound like a NES, but it's a tune, it's catchy, and now it's available.

Sanity Not Included

A chiptune made in Milkytracker. It's mostly a result of me playing around with different harmonies and just building on that, and it eventually became a tune. It does not include sanity, which is a shame since you might need it after having had the tune on repeat for a while.

Copenhagen Funhouse

This chiptune was supposed to be the opening track for a concept album that I had planned on making. I never made any other tunes for it, and the other ideas and tunes I had planned on making are long-lost and forgotten, but this one survived and now you can listen to it. It's quite catchy and bouncy. Made in Milkytracker.

Chip Up

This is another experimental chiptune I made in my early days of using Jescola Buzz. It kind of sounds like chipmusic but at the same time not. I wanted to see if I could recreate some of the typical chip-sounds, and, well... this is the result. Someone might find good use for it.

Line Dash

A tune made in Jescola Buzz. I found some instrument that kinda sounds like an organ and had fun playing around with it. It might be suitable for a bonus stage or something like that. Upbeat and catchy, like a lof of the other tunes on the album.

Mixed Bag

This really is a mixed bag in a way, as the styles throughout the tune change and it ends in a completely different mood than it started. It's a rock-ish tune that is made in Jescola Buzz, and it didn't fit on Lesser Than Three so it gets to fit on Nackskott instead, 5 years later, or 6, depending on how you look at it.


Another tune where I play around with the organ instrument in Jescola Buzz. There isn't much to it, really. It might be suitable for background music or something. Short and catchy.

Dragspel i Natten

The title means "accordion in the night", which is pretty much what it is. I sampled a friend's accordion and my guitar and slapped together a short tune with the samples in Jescola Buzz. Might as well release it since it does no good just lying around collecting dust.

Where Did All the Puppets Go?

Yep, it's another tune where I play around with the organ in Jescola Buzz. I was really enjoying that. This one is not a whole lot different from the others, except it's supposed to make you wonder where all the puppets went, because suddenly they are gone.


This one is another "experiment". I'm using three channels to make this chiptune, but more instruments. It's made in Milkytracker and sounds old school. Yep, you guessed it. It's upbeat and catchy as well.

Off-Color Outro

And here we have it, the last tune of the album. It's a calm and mellow one, made in Jescola Buzz. It might help you go to sleep if you're having trouble with that. It has a nice flow and continuity, and gives a feeling of "I don't really expect any more tunes after this", which made it a suitable tune to end the album with.


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