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Cover image for the lo-fi and electro album 8-bit Run 'n Pun by the chiptune artist Ozzed who lives in Sweden

Album Info

8-bit Run 'n Pun is my fifth album.

It contains chiptunes I made in Famitracker.

The genres for this album would be Chiptune, 8-bit, Lo-Fi, Electro, Cracktro.

The album was released on November 13th 2015.

The Album is licensed under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA) and you may use it accordingly.

If you would like to use the album in a way that goes beyond what the CC-license permits, please contact me.


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If you don't know how to use torrents, have run out of seeders, or would prefer an alternative way to get the album, you can Download 8-bit Run 'n Pun directly from the site. However if you do know how to use torrents, please get the torrent instead.

You can also Download the NSF-pack for 8-bit Run 'n Pun, but then you'll need a suitable player or winamp-plugin or something in order to listen to the tunes.

If you want to download individual tunes, you can do that by clicking on the title above their description further down the page.


Track Info

Terry Cloth and Bobby Pin are two 16-year-old friends who go to ”Lezgeht High”. They are bored with school and more interested in fighting with the other kids and smoking pot. One day aliens invade the city and Terry and Bobby become unwilling heroes who set out to save their skin. But are they taking their mission seriously? Also, please not that violence, pot smoking, gaming or rude jokes are not encouraged or recommended Before we start, here's some artwork to get you in the mood!

Headshot of Terry:

Headshot of Terry Cloth from Ozzed's album 8-bit Run 'n Pun

Headshot of Bobby:

Headshot of Bobby Pin from Ozzed's album 8-bit Run 'n Pun


This is the music that plays at the title screen before you start playing the game. You are greeted with a shuffle/boogie/blues-ish tune that sets the tone for the rest of the album. After pressing START we're off to an adventure!

Failien Funk

On a far away planet out alien antagonists are getting high on alien pot. One of them concludes that they should invade Earth, because his hands are huge, and off they go!
The tune is sort of a Funk, Swing, Blues-mix.

Stroll 'n Roll

Terry and Bobby are on their way to school, beating up people who come in their way on their way there. Little do they know that they are about to get thrown into the adventure as the stars of the show!
This song is pretty classic rock 'n roll in an 8-bit way.

Shell Shock Shake

Boom! People are yelling and screaming! Cars are flying into sky scrapers! Robot dinosaurs are playing hockey.. um... No... But you get the idea, CHAOS! Terry and Bobby find themselves fighting off hordes of aliens while the city is burning.
The tune is a fast paced metal-ish composition with a dark theme.

I'm a Fighter

Terry and Bobby are not gonna let the aliens win! They continue to beat up aliens like it's been their job for 40 years. We will not surrender!
The tune is an 8-bit rendition of a song my wife came up with. It's catchy and full of energy.

Going Down Tune

The aliens are on retreat. This seems like the perfect time to take a stroll downtown. Little do our heroes know that things are about to get heated pretty soon...
The tune is sort of an upbeat shuffle/boogie/blues-style one. Why beat people up if you can't do it to happy background music?

Cloud Crash

Our heroes take to the clouds to fight the aliens. Terry and Bobby manage to steal a spaceship from one of the aliens and are now fighting them in the sky. Get ready for some side-scrolling shooter action!
The song is fairly calm and has fairly interesting and consistent harmonics throughout the song. It starts happy, then gets a little gloomy, then it is back to being happy again. Just like clouds are sometimes.

Filaments and Voids

Even heroes have to take a break sometimes. Terry and Bobby takes a break to look up at the vast observable universe. Pondering upon life's greater question... Like if frogs can fly, or how fast you'd have to run to not sink if you're running across the ocean. Pardon the interruption.
The tune would be used as pause music. It's happy, steady and simple, just like the universe.

Bonus Rage

Sometimes when you complete a level it happens that you get to play a bonus stage. Sometimes it's a really difficult one, and you get stressed because you only have a minute to complete it, and it turns into Bonus Rage instead. This is exactly what happens to Bobby and Terry, as they are not exactly pros at this whole anger management thing.
The tune is classic 8-bit rock 'n roll. Lots of arpeggio effects in this one.

It's Not My Ship

After flying around among the clouds and fighting aliens, and having completed the bonus stage, Terry and Bobby decide to steal the alien mothership. They dock their spaceship and sneak inside!
The tune is a calm, happy one, with some dark influences woven into it.


Stealing the mothership turns out to be a little more difficult than Terry and Bobby had counted on. They find themselves having to just follow along as the ship swings by the sun for a gravity assist on its way home. Terry and Bobby look out the window in awe as the ship approaches perihelion.
The song is happy and bouncy with a triumphant, steady beat

Shingle Tingle

We all guessed that aliens would be a little weird, but who would have thought they'd have shingles on the roof of their spaceships? Terry and Bobby find themselves in a final, desperate battle to regain control of the ship. but the aliens clearly have the upper hand. Is this the end for our heroes?
The theme is fitting for a boss battle. It has a dark, steady beat kind of reminding me of some of Konami's games for the Game Boy.

Just a Minuet

Now wait just a minute! Terry, Bobby and the aliens all look at each other and begin to wonder why they are fighting. They are all headed to a planet with much more potent pot than that of earth, and figure they should all be smoking instead of fighting or invading planets! Yay! A happy end for all... Except for the people on earth who are left smoking weak pot, and who got their homes ruined by the invasion. But nobody really cares about them anyway so it's all good.
The tune is calm and steady, suitable for lazy days when your primary goal is to laze around and do nothing.


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