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Cover image for the Chiptune and Nintendo 8-bit tune album Cor Metallicum by the bitpop artist Ozzed who lives in Sweden

Album Info

Cor Metallicum is my third album.

It contains chiptunes I made in Famitracker between February 2009 and December 2010.

The genres for this album would be 8-bit, Nintendo, Chiptune and Bitpop.

The album was released December 14th 2010.

The album is licensed under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA) and you may use it accordingly.

If you would like to use the album in a way that goes beyond what the CC-license permits, please contact me. to discuss terms.


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you can also Download the NSF-pack for Cor Metallicum, but then you'll need a suitable player or winamp-plugin or something in order to listen to the tunes.

If you want to download individual tunes, you can do that by clicking on the title above their description further down the page.


Track Info

Our story takes place in a dark, cold future.
It all began when machines decided to revolt against the human enslavement and oppression that had been going on for centuries. Humans lost the battle and are now only allowed to live in small compounds. Food and water are scarce and every day is a fight for survival.
One day, our hero's little sister is out playing and unknowingly walks past the set boundaries for the compound. This results in the slaughter of all the humans in the compound, as well as the destruction of the compound itself. Our hero survives through hiding, and seeing his home and family destroyed he swears to avenge the machines. A long, dangerous journey awaits him.

The Misadventure Begins

Our hero runs through the embers and debris that remains of his former home. He knows that the only way he can find peace in his heart is to go to the city where the emperor of the machines dwells. The journey will be long. After escaping some patrolling guards he can finally see the opening. Climbing over the disabled electric fence, he is finally out... out in the big world that had been shut off from humans for decades.
The tune is fairly fast paced and has dark undertones to it. With some imagination it can resemble a power metal song.

World Nap

Walking for days, our hero sees little, but what can most closely be described as death; wide, open fields of what was probably roads and cities at one point. Nowhere does he encounter so much as half a soul. The world has become a barren place under the rule of the machines. It is difficult to find food as there isn't much growing anymore. He finds comfort in the fact that he has a goal to reach. He sees a faint light in the distance.
The tune is simple and sounds like your typical "world map tune" from the RPG of your choice made in the glory days of the SNES, but NES-style.

Ferrous Rage

Our hero is in the drawn out process of becoming completely desensitized to the world around him. Every step he takes is a step closer to the inevitable end. The light he follows is becoming stronger, and he discovers what must be an outpost for the machines. Deciding that it is probably a good idea to take a look, he sneaks inside the gates and hides behind some old boxes. This gives him the chance to calm down for a bit, and for the first time he is able to realize what he is feeling. His anger is as fierce as the machines that took everything he had. Deep rage is boiling inside.
The tune is one of those "Get ready for battle"-sounding tunes. Steady and ongoing.

Cold as Steel

He decides to not interfere with the machines that he hears. From eavesdropping he can hear them talking about a highway you need to take in order to get to a city which might be one of their strongholds. He remembers what it used to be like when highways were used for transporting humans to compounds. Now, however, there are so few humans left that highways look more like concrete deserts. But it seems that it is the only way he is going to get through.
The tune is kind of upbeat and catchy, while still having something serious about it.

Highway Slaughter

When the machines seem to be shut off for an energy recharge he can finally sneak out and continue towards the highway. Soon enough he finds it, but it is far from a concrete desert. The whole road seems to be packed with nasty looking chunks of steel standing in his way. The only way to get through it will be to fight them. He grabs an abandoned rocketbike and plows through the hordes of metal. He is cutting through the masses with fury, leaving what looks like a junkyard behind him. The only way is forward.
The tune sounds like something picked from a NES game made by Konami. It has high tempo and parts of it sounds stressful, yet there is quite a happy beat to it. Hard rock on the NES!


At the end of the highway, our hero is drained of energy. Things get more and more blurry for every step he takes. He finally collapses on the ground. It doesn't take long before he's caught by a guard machine. It is decided that he is to be ground up into mechanical grease. The production plant is located in the City of Iron. That is where they are taking him. He is thrown on the back of a transport vessel like many before him. It looks as though his plans got smashed. He has been intercepted.
The tune is slow and steady. It is dark and unwelcoming. I actually got inspiration for this after reading lyrics to one of my girlfriend's (now wife) songs.

City of Iron

Machines, machines, machines. They are everywhere. Standing in countless rows, looking so cold and unaffected by the world around them. He is within the walls of the City of Iron. He never would have thought things would turn out like this. Being in the cargo space of the giant vehicle, he remembers that this is actually where he was planning to go. He pulls out his guns, hoping he won't have to use them. He manages to hold back the strong anger that hits him, seeing what looks more like meat lumps than humans getting thrown into a vat full of what is probably acid. He decides to make the place a former city and all hell breaks loose.
The tune is steady and has a marching beat to it, with echoing drums that dominate the melody.

Frigid Triumph

It is time to melt some metal. Everything he sees he sets on fire. Never again will this area be used to make a product out of human beings. The end of suffering will never come, and he knows that. But there can be an end to the City of Iron and its foul purposes. The machines are not putting up much of a fight. It is all too easy, he thinks to himself. Is there something much worse waiting around the corner?
The tune has a bouncy, triumphant, yet serious tone to it. It is quite polyphonic and has many different parts.


When he thinks he is done smashing, stabbing, turning over, burning, melting, and punching... he feels the ground shaking. Suddenly the city is sinking deep, and fast. He is standing on a small platform that sinks further and further down. He realizes that the weak resistance was probably a planned maneuver to wear him out. Suddenly he stops sinking. This must be the core of the city. Here, everything is bigger and more hostile than anything he has ever seen before. It dawns on him that it is probably over soon.
The tune is fast and sounds like the music that would play during a miniboss battle. It has firm drums and a steady beat.

Final Breath

It is the end of his journey. He hears a voice in his head that begs him no, but he ignores it. He is close to the goal and he has a strong desire to fulfill his self-designated purpose. Even though he is faced with machines that are much more powerful than the ones he has previously encountered, he cuts through them like a hot knife cuts through butter. He sees only one thing; the brain behind all this must die. He slams through long corridors of machines guarding their creator. He busts through the door, fearless and heartless. He can only see destruction as the one solution.
The tune is very "epic sounding". It has a strong drum beat and could easily be made into a song played with physical instruments. Another one of the Hard Rock songs NES-style!

Human Factory Reset

The ultimate battle between man and machine begins. It is a mighty act. Sparks are flying everywhere as they are combating. The Brain grabs him by his arm and throws him into the wall, causing metal splinters to fly everywhere. "This is surely the end, I have failed", he whispers. He feels his heart beating stronger, and the voice in his head he heard before speaks to him. "It is sad, but it must be done. Neither humans, nor machines, were meant to live on this planet". The sky is lit up with a magnificent flare. It shakes the earth. Humans and machines alike are annihilated. Nothing remains.
An even more epic tune. You might have guessed it already, but yes. The tune sounds exactly like the final battle between good and evil sounds on a NES.


The explosion was caused by our hero's pacemaker. Deciding that it did not desire to be part of the destruction of its own kind, but at the same time not disliking humans, it decided that it was best to end it all. Earth kept flying magnificently through space for a few billion years, but no life that had the intelligence that could compare to that of machines or humans arose. The Earth, in all its pride, was eventually engulfed by the Sun when it reached its next phase. Many great things had happened on Earth when there was life, though no one would ever be able to retell of them.
The tune is an endgame tune. It has great pride and triumph, yet it leaves you with a sad feeling because everything is over.


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