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Album Info

Friendship Adventure is my seventh album.

It contains chiptunes I made in Famitracker.

The genres for this album would be 8-bit, chiptune, and bitpop.

The album was released on Januray 15th, 2018.

The album is licensed under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA) and you may use it accordingly.

If you would like to use the album in a way that goes beyond what the CC-license permits, please contact me to discuss terms.


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Track Info

Friendship Adventure is a game by Jonny Smeby that I have made some of the music to, And this album contains my part of the soundtrack. Jonny Smeby describes the game like this: No Enemies, no Evil, just Friends...

In Friendship Adventure you'll follow and play the stories of five unique individuals... An adventurous teenage boy and his living vegetable friend, an aboriginal stickman and his optimistic and mysterious friend, and a self-conscious yet determined young woman.

Together you will explore many towns, cities, dungeons, and more as you grow as friends and learn about each other, all while meeting some very interesting, strange characters that fit into the story by the end. Help a subterranean people! Uncover the mysteries of strange visitors! Challenge the toughest gang in the city! Ride bikes with your friend!

Grow personally by Encounters with strangers in Subconscious Mode where you deal with incoming feels like Jealousy, Confusion, and Attraction! Only feelings are hurt, so you'll survive... Hopefully ;D

Transverse difficult environments in Action Side-Scrolling sequences, talk about your feelings during Travel Sequences, and take you time to investigate your surroundings in Interaction Sequences.

Overall, Friendship Adventure is not about violence, but rather focuses on the struggles of social interactions and the feelings we experience and battle!

And I made some of the music, which you can get right on this page. If you would like to check out the game, you can find Friendship Adventure here!

First Try

A courageous and determined theme to start your journey! You may have expected one thing today, but it's about to give you another!

Getting Started

Your adventure is about to start, but take your time and don't take it too seriously.

Waking Up

The feeling of morning and your anticipation of the day ahead, whether you're ready or not.

Raining Outside (Light)

Well, you didn't expect this, but a little rain never hurt no one.

Seaside Town

It's a gentle theme for a nice town by the coast. Occasionally a new face or two will show up to meet if you're brave enough.

Top City

A jazzy theme for the big city and all the activity to be found there. It's always better going with a friend, even if you just met.

Middle Park

The distinguished, and almost regal, melody of the city's biggest park. A perfect location for the yearly festival, and a few secrets.


Unexpectedly meeting new friends is always fun, but some take some getting used to.

Raining Outside (Fair)

Wow, it's really starting to come down now. Good thing you brought an umbrella... You'll need to share it!

Really Dangerous

Music for when things get really crazy. Don't freak out, hang in there!

Raining Outside (Heavy)

Alright, now this weather is getting out of control. But, in this case, you just gotta bear it and keep going!

At the End of the Day

Well, the rain's stopped and you've had quite a lot of excitement for one day. All that's left if to watch the sunset with your new friends and look forward to your next adventure together :D

Song for Someone

In the moment when everything's falling around you.
Don't worry 'cause I'm right beside you.

They may try to say,
Nothing lasts forever,
They may try to say,
things won't ever get better,
And everybody says,
What they think they know a thing of, but don't really know.

There are things I thought I never would know,
A love that's greater than person can show,
The bonds we hold are ones we will always share,
And prob'ly, never let go...

All the times, when I thought the world was never gonna brighten,
And I thought to myself about the reason for everybody's fighting,
Whether that is right or not,
It doesn't change a single thing that we've got.
And in the end I think that's really a lot.

I think we'll be okay.
I think we'll be okay.
I'm sure we'll be okay.


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