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Cover image for the Chiptune and Nintendo 8-bit tune album 8-bit Empire by the chiptune artist Ozzed

Album Info

8-bit Empire is my second album.

It contains chiptunes I made in Famitracker between December 2008 and January 2009.

The genres for this album would be chiptune, 8-bit, Nintendo, and Bitpop.

The Album is licensed under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA) and you may use it accordingly.

If you would like to use the album in a way that goes beyond what the CC-license permits, please contact me to discuss terms.

If you are an übernerd, you can download the NSF-set and listen to the tunes using an NSF-player.

The album was released January 14th 2009.

Some music from this album was used in the game "DLC-Quest", so if you're looking for the DLC-Quest soundtrack, this is essentially it.


You can listen to 8-bit Empire on Youtube.

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Preferably, you will Download 8-bit Empire using this torrent. Please help me seed if you like the album! And feel free to leave a comment.

If you don't know how to use torrents, have run out of seeders, or would prefer an alternative way to get the album, you can Download 8-bit Empire directly from the site. However if you do know how to use torrents, please get the torrent instead.

you can also Download the NSF-pack for 8-bit Empire, but then you'll need a suitable player or winamp-plugin or something in order to listen to the tunes.

If you want to download individual tunes, you can do that by clicking on the title above their description further down the page.


Track Info

This album is my first attempt at making chiptunes in Famitracker. I tried it out and fell in love with it, which is probably why I was able to make so many songs in such a short time. My days were taken up by exploring Famitracker, testing different effects and so forth. I thought it was really cool that I could finally make actual NES-music that would play on a real NES. And it was a wonderful feeling to explore the limitations and opportunities of the 2A03-chip. I had a great time making this Album!

Knock Yourself In

The upbeat title screen intro tune to the album. Prepare yourself for one hell of an adventure! The tune has sort of a C-64 sound to it and might be fun to go wild and crazy to.

Here Comes the 8-bit Empire

A dark horrifying tune. This is where the Empire takes over the land and enslaves the unsuspecting population. Oh dear.

I Like Jump Rope

The little happy fuzzballs jumping around to an upbeat tune, ignorant of the horrifying empire's evil plans of forever making them serve under its reign.

BoktipsetFrån Helvetet

The tune sounds like a mixture of the many kid's shows in Sweden where they give hints on good books to read. The tune itself plays into our story by being the event where the mysterious messenger assigns our hero the mission to save us all from the evil empire.


This tune resembles the cheerful music found in old school puzzle games. If you like that kind of music, this is for you. In the story, our hero gets an easy start.


Our hero is fighting villains in dark back alleys at night time in this slow, heavy tune. The sound and feel of the tune is similar to that of the Castlevania games.

Waterski Me

Fast-paced upbeat tune. It's time to show off your multi-tasking skills as, for this tune, you need the ability to both waterski for your life and fight off all kinds of nasty sea creatures.

A Well Worked Analogy

Time to put a hold of your main quest and enjoy yet another old-school puzzle game tune. This one is a bit more melodious and soft.

The Day Time Ran Away

Oh no! You shouldn't have put your guard down. The entire building is collapsing and you have to find your way out before the timer hits zero. Good for you that the tune is fast-paced to keep you motivated.

8-bit Party

You made it! Well... At least partially. There's still the Empire to defeat, but you managed to get out of the building in time. So have a beer and enjoy yourself. The tune is jumpy and bouncy to make you forget about your troubles for now.

Lava Flow Stressamp Turbo Pulse

Making your way out to the castle where the final challenge awaits you. In this stressful tune you need to climb, jump and run to make sure you don't melt. Don't step on the lava!

The Final End

This is it. This is what you've come for. In this tune, the future of the land will be determined. Will you once again live in peace and harmony, or will you stay slaves forever? Only you can decide. This is the ultimate battle between good and evil. The tune itself is dark and very "epic-sounding".

Stuff Role

The credits are showing. This is a typical credits tune. Since things ended happily, this is a happy tune. Would you like to play again? I bet there's a bunch of unlocked stuff once you've warped the game.

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