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Hi there. I am Ozzed. I am a musician who composes tunes that resembles those found in old games. (Nintendo 8-bit, Amiga, C64, Game Boy, and so forth) The genre is commonly known as "Bitpop", but expressions such as "Chip-music", "8-bit" and "Retro" are also commonly used.

All my works, except the ones where I am not the original composer, are licensed under Creative Commons. For exact details regarding the licensing, click the "Creative Commons" icon right below the menu.

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Eller gå till den Svenska sidan.

Latest addition: The tune "Shell Shock Shake" for Project 8-Bit Run 'n Pun.

If you would like samples of my music without downloading anything, go to my Myspace, Jamendo or pages through the links on this page!!

I live primarily on this website, but I also live on these pages: logo for Where you can listen to the tunes from "Lesser than Three", "8-bit Empire" and "Cor Metallicum". As well as listen to "Ozzed Radio" featuring myself and similar artists.

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Facebook: Where you can help me by liking my page and share your thoughts on my music by writing on my wall.

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Twitter: Where you can follow my tweets and get the most recent useful and useless updates.

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Jamendo: Where you can listen to my music, download it, talk about it in forums and more.

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Myspace: Where you can listen to and download a few of my songs. And add me as a friend if you want.

My website currently has the following to offer:


Is the page you are looking at right now. This mainly serves as a descriptive index for the rest of the site and provides some links to othe sites on the web where I live.


Is where you download my music, both Albums and "Site Exclusive" releases are available for free. Everything can be downloaded directly from the site, but the Albums can also be downloaded via torrents.


Write me a message here and tell me what you think about my music and the site. I get very happy every time I get a new message. So, if you want to make me jump with joy, write me a message.


Is where you find the latest updates from me regarding what's going on with my music and the site in general. This is in no way a "blog" or anything like it, but merely a place where you can get the latest news.

Make your own

This is where you go if you would like to read my guide that brings up different things you need to keep in mind if you want to make your own chip music.


My music is and always will be completely free, but if you would like to give me something for my work, this is where you want to go.


Is a service that gathers IP's that are attempting to spam my shoutbox. The service provides an easy way to find out if that fishy IP address that made 7000 hits on your site yesterday is known spam or not.


Is where you find other composers of chip music and bitpop, as well as some useful tools if you would like to create your own music.


Contains information about how to contact me (in other words, this is where you find my E-mail address).

I hope this information has been helpful. Feel free to contact me if I missed anything or if you have suggestions on how to improve the site. Rock on!